Other products

In the last 25 we have created a vast array of products and services to satisfaction of our customers:
  • Cooling towers (fillings, treads etc.)equipment (
  • Manufacture and maintenance of aggressive and pure media storage equipment
  • High quality Carbon/Kevlar laminates with high solidity per mass unit
  • Mechanical wear protection elements
  • Ventilation equipment for common or aggressive steam (fans, ventilation channels, covers...), fan diffusers
  • Vibrations and noise suppressing elements, elastomere springs and clutches
  • Manufacture of corrosion resistant containers and vessels, quality anti-corrosion protection of steel and concrete vessels, applying of seal coat

Items by special order:

  • Piping connectors
  • Tools for casting of various items: decorative pillars or plates
  • Fish farming pools and equipment

We also carry out all kind of repair on products based on polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins

We do it immaculately, with a guarantee for material quality and best price to meet the purpose

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