About Us

We have been active in production of polymer composites for more than 25 years, manufacturing mostly four groups of items:

Fuselage and interior components for passenger vehicles

(street trams, trains, busses, small vehicles)

Blades for axial industrial fans – diameter from 800mm to 8000mm

Other fans:

  • centrifugal
  • roof-installed
  • special purpose

Out full services when manufacturing a new product include:

Construction of a 3D model, using the 3D modelling software, making of a model on the CNC milling machine, model finishing according to client’s demands, manufacturing od polyester, vinyl-ester or epoxy tools (moulds), matching the model, for one-off or serial production.

Other items manufactured of polymer composites, repair and/or refitting, on demand.

Polymer composites industrial fan blades have been our core product for more than 25 years; we have developed an array of 30 various blade types for axial fans and blowers, including special items to match demands for resistance to chemical agents and electricity conductivity. We also produce special models, copying originals or by client’s blueprints/design, if our standard patterns do not suit the purpose.

These items we regularly manufacture for: INA, Croatian Petrol Company, Croatian Shipyards, Bosnia and Herzegovina Electricity Authority (for their thermo-electric power plants) and other buyers.

In the nineties, we established ourselves as a regular supplier of fuselage and interior panels for passenger trams and trains for the Končar Electric Vehicles – we have delivered various items for more than 150 locomotives since, built for railway carriers in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia and other countries. Panels of our make you can also see in 140 low-floor TMK 2210 series street trams and 10 trams of the first TMK 2100 series. We have also furnished interior outfit elements for the new Končar EMV passenger train.

In addition to that, we have also manufactured large quantity of polymer composites items hard to categorize, due to their one-off design and clients’ special demands – what enables us to believe that we can carry out a product of any kind in any combination of composite materials

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